Blanket Shawl, c. 1820-1840

Black broadcloth blanket shawl in the collections of the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Museum Description: black broadcloth blanket shawl with 141 small rings; 1820-1840.

Physical Description: cloth (black broadcloth) with metal (brooches), beads, silk; no dimensions given.

NDT Note: black broadcloth blanket shawl with ring brooches (141), beaded edge bottom to top double row white beads 1" band of blue 8 5/8" of patterned ribbon work, 5 rows of ring brooches 43", 7 inverted Vs of 3 rows of brooches small, med, large, between individual V single rows, column of 8 brooches width, ribbon work on width colors; red 193U, very light blue 317C (slightly faded and soiled) brown 449U, yellow 100U (slightly soiled) medium blue 3025, white, black shows through on row 1 height of ribbon work from beaded edge brown band "patterned band 4" peach band between 4665 and 6675 originally 201U ring brooches appeared to have been begun to be applied without sewing in place, but majority were sewn on with running stitch, long stitch joining 2 and a single stitch over flap--rating: 2.

Traditional Knowledge: 

mitemohsa ahkolayi