aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 5, No. 2 (2002)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 5, No. 2.

Learning About Our Heritage is Fun- Annual Language and Culture Camp Held at Longhouse [p. 1] PHOTO: Miami Children presenting puppet show of 'Little Red Riding Hood' in the Miami Language [p. 1] Third Annual Miami Nation Pow Wow Held [p. 1] PHOTO: Ken Dagenett and Bob Doudrick participating in the Grand Entry at the Third Annual Miami Nation Pow Wow [p. 1] History Section: Who Were the Kansas Land Allottees? The 1854 allotment List of Tribal Land in Kansas and the 1871 La Cygne Journal List of Head Rights [p. 2] The State of Our Nation (Chief Floyd E. Leonard) [p. 3] PHOTO: Chief Floyd E. Leonard at the Grand Entry at the Third Annual Miami Nation Pow Wow [p. 4] ICDBG Grant Application Submitted for Pecan Business [p. 5] PHOTO: Javier Robles presenting new ICDBG Application Plan to Tribal Members [p. 5] Tribal Librarians attend Conference [p. 5] PHOTO: Karen Alexander makes presentation at the Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums conference in Phoenix, AZ [p. 5] PHOTO: Chief Leonard and Second Chief Gamble invited to Oklahoma Governor's Mansion, with Governor Frank Keating and Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Largent [p. 5] Working in the Tribal Archives (Sharon Prescott) [p. 6] Tribal Employment [p. 6] PHOTO: Sharon Prescott in Tribal Archive [p. 6] Welcome Back Hugh! [p. 6] PHOTO: Dr. Hugh Morgan [p. 6] Back to School Fund Application [p. 6] Language Camp is a Family Affair (Julie Olds) [p. 7] PHOTO: Josh Sutterfield with his mom Sherrie Sutterfield [p. 7] PHOTO: Jarrid Baldwin with puppet at language camp presentation [p. 7] Images from the Third Annual Miami Nation Pow Wow, May 31- June 1 in Miami, Oklahoma [p. 8] PHOTO: Doug Lankford at the Drum [p. 8] PHOTO: Jr. Head Man Dancer John David Ballard and Head Woman Dancer Carrie V. Wilson [p. 8] PHOTO: Grand Entry: Jessie Baldwin, Aunt Lucy Covault, Amy Ratzloff, and Kim Wade [p. 8] PHOTO: Pow Wow Chairman Steve Lankford receives gift from Quapaw Inter-Tribal Gourd Dance Society [p. 8] PHOTO: Julia Wagner and mother Sheryl Wagner, in shawls made by Pat Leonard [p. 8] PHOTO: Dr. Myrtis Powell, Chief Leonard dancing [p. 9] PHOTO: Kim Wade in Grand Entry [p. 9] PHOTO: Julie Olds pins banner for Elder Pow Wow Princess Lucille (Gamble) Covault [p. 9] PHOTO: Tribal Princess Amy Ratzloff performing the Lord's Prayer [p. 9] Dr. Watona RoBards- The 'Modern Miami Medicine Woman' Doctor of Naturopathy and Registered Nurse (Dr. Watona RoBards) [p. 10] PHOTO: Dr. Watona RoBards with two of her pets [p. 10] Tribal Members Volunteer Their Time to Teach Language [p. 10] PHOTO: Ken and Sharon Prescott gifted with blanket [p. 10] PHOTO: Ashlee Christian and Leetah Jones at Will Rogers Middle School in Miami, participate in Ken and Sharon Prescott's Miami Culture After School Program [p. 10] The Myaamia Project's Ethnobotany Study (Mike Gonella) [p. 11] PHOTO: Mike Gonella [p. 11] Tribal Family Share Knowledge of Traditional Cordage Making [p. 11] PHOTO: Bob Doudrick and Joanne Doudrick presenting on the art of making traditional cordage [p. 11] Miami University - Tribe Partner for Summer Field School Project [p. 12] PHOTO: MU Student and Tribal Member Julia Wagner, Chief Leonard, Business Manager Javier Robles, MTBE Board Member and Field School Instructor Roger Olds, MU Student and Tribal Member Cory Ritenour, and MU Business School Professor David Cowan [p. 12] PHOTO: Julia Wagner and Cory Ritenour [p. 12] MTBE Partners with Environmental Firms to Create Global Native, LLC [p. 12] PHOTO: Global Native- MTBE Director Javier Robles, Second Chief Tom Gamble, Rose Di-Meo-President/CEO of Hampton-Clarke, Inc., and Juan Boston- President/CEO of BS Environmental [p. 12] New Miami Tribal Business Enterprises Is Created [p. 13] PHOTO: MTBE Board Members- Dr. Joe Leonard, Roger Olds, and Javier Robles [p 13] Tribe - MTBE - Envira Tech Business, Purchase Lead Testing Equipment [p. 13] PHOTO: Envira-Tech Lab Technician Wes Gamble and MTBE Director Javier Robles [p. 13] Deaths: Charles E. (Chuck) Underwood [p. 14] PHOTO: Charles E. (Chuck) Underwood [p. 14] Deaths: Justin E. King [p. 14] PHOTO: Justin E. King [p. 14] Tribal Member Receives Scholarships [p. 14] PHOTO: Cody Stapleton [p. 14] Eiteljorg Museum Opens New Permanent Exhibit Focusing on Native Peoples of Indiana [p. 15] PHOTO: Grand Opening- ribbon cutting, Delaware representative Don Secondine, Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, Miami Secretary-Treasurer Julie Olds, Miami Nation of Indiana Chief Brian Buchanan [p. 15] PHOTO: Pipe tomahawk attributed to Little Turtle [p. 15] PHOTO: Man's bandolier bag [p. 15] PHOTO: Veterans- Chief Leonard shaking hands with Comanche Charlie Chibitty [p. 16] PHOTO: Miami University Orientation Students at service learning project [p. 16] PHOTO: car tags, and coffee mugs available at gift shop [p. 16] PHOTO: Zach Dotson, Kylee Woods, Trey Marshall, and Jarrid Baldwin learning Miami words [p. 16].